Young Scholar Submissions



2011 Young Scholars

Stefano Agnoletto, "When Entrepreneurial Theories Meet Economic History"

Carlos Eduardo Suprinyak, Cedeplar/UFMG, "Trade Money, and the Grievances of the Commonwealth: Economic Debates in the English Public Sphere During the Commercial Crisis of the Early 1620s"
Paper available: suprinyak.pdf

Joseph Blosser, University of Chicago, "Adam Smith as Theologian"

Claire Silvant, University of Pantheon-Assas, " Rules vs Discretion: The Debate on Free or Regulated Banking in the mid-19th Century French LIberal Thought"

Per Bylund, University of Missouri, "Transaction Cost Theories of Economics Organization Dehomogenized: a Specialization Based Approach"
Paper available: bylund.pdf

Ekkehard Kohler & Stephan Kolev, Walter Eucken Institute, "The Chicago School's Impact on the Emergence of Ordo-liberalism and it Relevance to Today's Constitutional Political Economy

Norikau Takami, Duke University, "How the Cinema was Born: The Unemployment Controversy and the Pigou Effect"
Paper available: takami.pdf

Regis Servant, University of Paris, "What is Cultural Evolution in the Work of Fredrich Hayek"
Paper available: servant.pdf

Arie Krampf, Hebrew University, "Modern Central Banking in the Light of the Financial Crisis and in Historical Perspective"
Paper available: here

Judith Favereau, Univeristy of Paris, "The Fight Against Poverty as a "Clinical Trial." Reflections on Esther Duflo's Approach"