Call for Papers

The 2011 History of Economics Society Conference will be held June 17-20, 2011, at the University of Notre Dame in Notre Dame, Indiana.

Please join us and add your voice to the historical contemplation of economic thought and action by submitting a paper or proposing a session.
To propose a paper:  Please send a title, paper abstract (not longer than 200 words), and the name of at least one other scholar whom you have contacted to propose as discussant before February 7, 2011.
To propose a session:  For each paper, send a title, abstract, and append a list of two other scholars you have contacted to put together a focused session, either as presenters or discussants.  
Send them to HES Conference Submission by the deadline of February 7, 2011. Papers subsequently chosen will need to be submitted to our office by April 11 in order to be made available on the conference website.
The Conference will host a number of special plenary sessions: currently, there are plans to convene a plenary on the use of history to discuss the role of economists in the Great Recession; and special sessions on economists and the state, the Cold War and the social sciences, and the production of economic knowledge outside academia. Sessions which incorporate journalists, professional historians, science studies scholars, perspectives from outside the United States, and members of other disciplines are especially welcome. Suggestions for other special sessions are also welcome.
The HES also provides special support for a limited number of Young Scholars [YS] to present papers at the conference, by providing free registration, banquet ticket and a year’s membership in the Society. If you wish to have your paper considered for the YS program, please provide details as to the date of your last degree along with your abstract, and indicate you wish to be considered for the YS Proposal. A Young Scholar must currently be a PhD candidate, or have been awarded the PhD in the 2 years preceding the conference. The deadline for application is February 7, 2011.  
Registration information will be posted in due course.
If you encounter any problems will paper/session submission or have any other questions about the conference, please feel free to email me at or Conference Secretary Tori Davies at .
I hope to see you at Notre Dame.
Philip Mirowski
President-Elect, HES